Importing a Jet Ski to NZ

Explore Our Coastline by Jet Ski

Kiwis and adrenalin go hand in hand, which is why Extreme Global makes it easy to import jet skis into NZ from the USA. Whether you’re looking for one to use recreationally or multiples to start up a business, we offer personalised shipping to suit you and your jet ski right down to a tee.

Helpful Hint:

If you’re keen to buy a jet ski from the US, choose a seller that’s based inland, not on the coast. Jet skis that have only ever been used on fresh water lakes won’t be at risk of salt water-induced rust. Talk to us about different load and pickup options as we can ship without trailers.

We pride ourselves in making the importation of your jet ski straight forward. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation importing services of your treasured asset straight to your door nationwide.  Request a quote.

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