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Extreme Global LCL Consolidation Service from the USA

LCL sea freight shipping is a great way to move small shipping packages.

Or if you want to keep your inventory low, it is a cost-effective option for importers.

We accept all general freight except hazardous goods for shipping into Auckland.  For example;

  • Commercial freight

·         Clean car parts and engines, panels, tyre

  • BBQ’s & dry food stuffs

·         Books, clothing and footwear

·         Sports goods

·         And goods from E-sites – Amazon, Craigslist, e-Bay, etc

Our service is weekly, 14 day on the water, direct Los Angeles to Auckland. So have peace of mind that it’s as fast a sea freight service as you can get.

Where do we consolidate in Los Angeles?

CFR Rinkens LLC

6400 Regio Ave

Buena Park, CA 90620

Where do we unpack in Auckland?

Approved Transitional Facility Services (ATF)

24 Saleyards Road

Otahuhu, Auckland 1062

What is LCL shipping?

LCL means ‘Less than a Container load’ and is a term used by Freight Forwarders and the forwarding community, to describe parcels of freight from different customers that are consolidated together into a full container load – FCL.

LCL shipments can be economically alternative to airfreight for larger and heavier items, that are less time sensitive. This is because some of the fixed container costs are divided up amongst others like you, that are sharing space in the container, which means cost savings for you!

How does LCL shipping work?

Extreme Global ‘consolidates’ a number of LCL parcels at our Los Angeles facility into a 40ft container.

What is an LCL Consolidation service?

This is our weekly service shipping service from our depot in Long Beach to our depot in Auckland.

If you need any costs associated with transport to our Long Beach depot or delivery to you, from our Auckland depot, let us know and we can advise on pricing associated with this.

What is a CBM in shipping?

This is one of the terms Freight Forwarders use to classify a parcels size. This information can then be used for packing the container and charging purposes.

The dimensions in metres – I.e. the length x the width x the height dictates its volume or what we call CBM (cubic metre).

So a crate 1.0m long x 1.0m wide x 1.0m high is 1cbm.

However a crate 1.5m long x 0.75m wide x 0.89m high is also – 1cbm

Remember to measure the external dimensions, so include the crate or pallet when measuring the goods.

What is a Revenue Tonne (R/T)

A revenue tonne is a term in shipping to describe a quantity of freight and used for charging purposes.  Whereby whichever is the greater of the weight or measure (cbm) is charged.

In the sea shipping, trucking and air freight industries this measurement is then treated differently due to the industries general attitude carrying weight.

I.e. Sea freight 1 Tonne = 1 R/T.  Trucking 333kgs = 1 R/Tonne.  Air 167kgs = 1 R/T

One cubic metre (cbm) 1mx1mx1m of shoes may weight 100 kgs where as one cbm of steel rod may way 1500 kgs.   In each industry then calculates its R/T based of the greater metric x its R/T ratio.

For example in sea freight shipping 1 cbm/ 100kgs of shoes = 1 revenue tonne

While 1 cbm / 1500kgs of steel = 1.5 revenue tonnes

What is FCL?

A full container loaded with just one customers cargo.

We also can manage that, so give us a call.

Customs clearance.

It’s all part of our customer service.

Our customs brokers work beside us in our office, so the communicate and service is seamless.

What is the Hazardous and Non-hazardous mean?

Hazardous goods are goods classified as hazardous by the International Maritime Organisation and prohibited or shipped under restricted terms for the safety of the vessel and crew or the other goods within the container.

E.g. Many chemicals, lithium batteries, fuels, poisons, etc.

Talk to us if you have any concerns about your shipment.

In terms of paperwork required to ship LCL out of the States to Auckland, please call our friendly team at the office or refer to Resources page.

Looking for a shipping solution, have a queries or shipping rates?

Call to the team at Extreme Global 09 273 9713

We pride ourselves in making the importation of your vehicle straight forward. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation importing services of your treasured asset straight to your door nationwide.  Request a quote.

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